Monday, December 1

Post #0003

Over at Poupee Girl--the only place online I've been going to on a semi-regular basis lately--I've gotten really good at the Piyo Game. When I first joined Poupee everyone said to not play it because, if you accidentally hit a balloon too soon, you get shitty, worthless prizes. But now that I know all the cheats, I've really made a good bit of profit. I can play the game for 30Ribs, and then usually sell away my items for around 70Ribs. So it's a 40Rib profit per win, as I usually don't keep the items myself. None of them really fit my tastes. And besides, I have to find a way to save up for the upcoming winter events, since I don't feel comfortable spending money on this game when, in reality, it's pretty much a choice between pixel pants for an animated avatar, or pants for myself.

Not really a hard choice.

(Also, sorry that it's a screencap instead of a photo today--but isn't Piyo Game at sunset kind of pretty?)

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