Saturday, May 17

Day 15: Cats and Cat Things

Cat book ends, cat pictures, cat stuffed toys, and cat stories.

Friday, May 16

Day 14: I could have died tonight.

It's currently raining outside--the red sort of rain that happens right before sunset when the sun is low in the sky and barely filtering through the clouds. It smells like summer.

Thursday, May 15

Day 13: Fatshionista

Sometimes I think I have the most amazing fashion sense in the world.

No, really!

Wednesday, May 14

Day 12: There's a ghost in me.

For some reason, I think I just really really like taking pictures of the sky.

And I also really really like this Ladytron song.

Tuesday, May 13

Day 11: omg shoez

Blue, pink, orange and yellow polka-dot wedge heals.

They're pretty uncomfortable, but they were cheap so it's not like I bought $80 shoes that I have to suffer through wearing all the time to get my money's worth. Just, now I have a pair of shoes that are more summer-y so I can wear them with my brighter clothing.

Home today. I'm fine, but my mom isn't. Steph will be driving her down to urgent care at some point soon, I believe.