Saturday, December 20

And so. No.

Sometimes I can't decide if I love Christmas or if I hate it. I can get really into buying things and giving things, and helping people decorate. But the music is nauseating, I can't stand the blatant materialism (hypocrite? who, me?) and I dislike the fake jolly atmosphere that the stores feed off of. It's like a million animals all trying to get to the troth at the same time.

But then I wonder if it really matters. I spend so much time in life wondering how I feel about certain things that I forget to just feel half the time. Maybe it doesn't really matter what I like or don't like. Maybe if I stopped wondering about this constantly I'd actually get more living done.

Maybe not everything about me is as black and white as I want it to seem.

Sunday, December 14

I guess I just wanted to show off my cup.

Sorry, its been a while! I've just been way too lazy to take pictures that are worth posting here, and so didn't feel like it would be appropriate to make a post.

...haha and now, sitting here in front of the computer, I honestly can't think of anything to write.