Saturday, August 9

Day 28: More books!

.....and more book by Japanese authors! Well. For the most part, anyway.

Friday, August 8

Day 27: Art

I bought these last night from the used section at Barnes & Noble. One is by the "Andy Warhol" of Japan (as my dad termed it) Fukuda Shigeo. His art is really odd, but fascinating. The other book is of traditional Japanese art prints by Hiroshige. I bought both of them to rip up for art for my walls, buuuuut... :| I don't want to kill the books rofl. They're really old and gorgeous.

Thursday, August 7

Day 26: A Flower as Bribe.

Lately the women at work are trying to bribe me to be on their side. It's funny, because I was more on their side when they just left me the hell alone to do my work. Now they're just starting to get rather annoying, and I'm starting to dislike them. When I'm in the middle of something, please leave me alone.

Wednesday, August 6

Day 25: Farewell.

Goodbyes are always, always hard.

Tuesday, August 5

Day 24: Tweet tweet

I've been kind of obsessed with Twitter lately.

Sunday, August 3