Saturday, May 31

Day 29: Before-picture

I'm hopefully going to get a haircut today. My fringe is down near my top lip at the moment. Ridiculous.

Friday, May 30

Day 28: Smitten Kitten

"Economic Stimulus Checks: Do you think this is what the government had in mind?" An ad for Smitten Kitten, a feminist sex toy store.

Thursday, May 29

Day 27: Mr. Piccolo noooo!

OH NO, ピッコロさん! (。;_;。)

Wednesday, May 28

Day 26: A small price to pay for ice cream.

Last week at work we met the goal for document scanning--over 60,000 titles scanned from the backlog when our goal was only 50,000. So Jim brought in ice cream cups for everyone. :3 I stole a strawberry one right away. There was no way in hell I was going to get stuck with vanilla.

Tuesday, May 27

Day 25: No more power

I ran out of these. Sorry.

Monday, May 26

Day 24: Someday

Someday I'll finish my room and I won't have a ton of crap laying on the floor because I'll have somewhere to put everything.


Sunday, May 25

Day 23: I picked this up when you left.

There was a dead cat in the middle of the road today. When I saw it I cried for the current state of this country.