Saturday, August 16

Day 35: Family Reunion

Family reunion was okay. It was fun near the end, but at the beginning there was drama. Granted, my mom could have taken steps to avoid it, but my grandma was the biggest bitch in this situation.

Friday, August 15

Day 34: The recipe for marriage.

See? Not once is "one man and one woman" written on there.

Thursday, August 14

Day 33: Poor babies.

Mom told me in an email that none of our kittens have supposedly been adopted. So when I saw this picture on my camera I became a bit depressed.

Tuesday, August 12

Day 31: Poor me.

This is what happens when you try to reorganize your book collection.

Monday, August 11

Day 30: Hello good sir.

Really, they love it when I shove the camera so close into their face.

Sunday, August 10

Day 29: Even more books!

So I went to the bookstore across the street today... *cough*