Saturday, August 2

Day 21: At the fair.

Something I've always wanted--original art. It's "paper cutting," a traditional Chinese art form. Very pretty. While I bought it, the man and I chatted about Japan (even though he's from China...). It was kind of nice. Supposedly he was just in Japan a while ago. Allow me to be quite jealous.

Friday, August 1

Thursday, July 31

Day 19: Warhol-ism.

My room is such a mess at the moment. But ignore that. It's the prints I finally hung on my wall that actually matter here.

Wednesday, July 30

Day 18: The Last Lecture

He really was--is--the most inspirational man to open his mouth. Absolutely amazing. I watched his lecture and read his book all in one day. It's funny--I bought it on a whim. It was sitting on one of the tables in the middle of borders, and I thought it sounded nice. It had a sticker that said 40% off for Borders Rewards members. I never expected it to change so many of my ideals.

My childhood dreams:
- To own and care for many cats
- To become fluent in Japanese
- To become a great scholar

I don't remember much of them other than those.

Tuesday, July 29

Day 17: Parking Lot

When you spill bits of glass on the ground, buttons, pins, birds will probably come along and try to eat them.

Monday, July 28

Day 16: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Sometimes I think there's really nothing better than a long, thorough shower after a long day of constant sweating.

Sunday, July 27

Day 15: Chocolates as ice.

If it's really hot out in the summer, you should keep chocolates in the freezer. When it becomes unbearable you can suck on them like hard candy. It cools you down almost instantly.