Saturday, July 26

Day 14: Bakeneko

Due to watching モノノ怪 the short anime series, I've become really interested in 化け猫--Demon Cats of Japanese legend. Which is why this journal's cover caught my eye, even though the cats don't look the least bit evil. But the coloring and design still reminded me of them nonetheless.

Friday, July 25

Day 13: Lessons in Language

Lately I've become increasingly more interested in learning Japanese--in picking up where I keep leaving off. About two or so weeks ago I heard a man at Barnes & Noble speaking Japanese to someone over the phone, and I caught myself thinking "that could be me..." So I downloaded a bunch of free broadcast lessons and got a membership at Watch me try to succeed one more time.

Thursday, July 24

Wednesday, July 23

Tuesday, July 22

Day 10: Break free from the pack.

Such a small and sleepy little Bear.

When I went out to lunch today, there was a cute guy playing "Wonderwall" at Potbelly. Then when I left the skyway to head out to the square and eat in the sunlight, there was a man playing "Blackbird" on the street for change. And in the morning I'd had the most lovely horoscope in City Pages:
I really do feel that you're here with me as I create these horoscopes. In a sense, you're my assistant. Our telepathic connection is utterly palpable and practical. The hopes and questions you project my way stream into my higher mind, coloring my psychic environment and enriching my desire to give you exactly what you need. Now, in accordance with the astrological omens, I'm asking you to give our collaboration more conscious intention. It's time for you to be aggressive about seeking help and inspiration -- not just from me, but from everyone. Try this for starters: Once a day for five minutes, visualize that you and I are sitting face-to-face and discussing the issues that feed your longing to be brave and free and authentic and smart and loving and creative.
And I sat in the shade, ready to eat my lunch and study kanji while the temperature was perfect and the sun was shining, and it occurred to me that. at least for today, life was good.

Monday, July 21

Day 9: Sunrise, Sunset

It's not every day you wake up to a golden sky.

Sunday, July 20

Day 8: Gift Giving.

Just a little late.