Thursday, April 30

Day 003: Mourning

I guess we all had trouble sleeping last night, since we were all awake by eight. Which is something that almost never happens in this house.

Steph and I went and had breakfast at McDonald's, and then we went to the convenience store to get flowers for Tucker's grave. However, they no longer carry flowers? So we got some drinks and donuts.

And then we got home, and a religious solicitor came by our house and talked about how great it feels to be born again.

So much has been happening on this dreary day and it isn't even noon yet.

Wednesday, April 29

Day 002: Bye my friend.

Goodbye, Tucker. We loved you very much. Having to put you to sleep is the most painful thing I've ever had to do in all my adult life.

Tuesday, April 28

Day 001: Starting Over

Today's tasks:
➝ Tidy up desk
➝ Laundry
➝ Get some pictures developed
➝ Properly sort new manga
➝ Sweep and bring out trash

I felt it was about time I picked this blog back up and dusted it off. I've been feeling guilty about abandoning it just because of laziness, and it's nice to have a place to talk about my day without worrying if I'm being too boring or not. Besides, it's summer--who doesn't love taking photographs of summer scenery?

(Even while saying that, the above picture is from indoors...)