Tuesday, May 13

Day 11: omg shoez

Blue, pink, orange and yellow polka-dot wedge heals.

They're pretty uncomfortable, but they were cheap so it's not like I bought $80 shoes that I have to suffer through wearing all the time to get my money's worth. Just, now I have a pair of shoes that are more summer-y so I can wear them with my brighter clothing.

Home today. I'm fine, but my mom isn't. Steph will be driving her down to urgent care at some point soon, I believe.


rigel said...

:/ I hope your mom feels better.

Those are some really cute shoes, by the way.

Chai said...

Thanks. :3 It turned out she has something called "diverticulosis," and she isn't allowed to eat any protein or anything with small seeds. For now she's okay, but the doctor told her that if she isn't feeling better in two days she'll have to be admitted to in-patient. She was at the hospital for about eight hours, so after a while I started getting really worried about what was wrong. Compared to the assumptions I made in my head, this is definitely a better illness for her to have.

rigel said...

I looked it up on wiki and it gave me a nasty picture of a colon. XD

Anyway, I'm glad it's not serious. I remember my aunt and uncle spent a day with my mom at the hospital, and that was just waiting for her to be ADMITTED. Turned out that she had some internal bleeding in her stomach, but that week was the scariest I've had so far. :\

Jessia said...

I'm jealous of your shoes. <3

I hope your mom feels better soon as well. It's no fun having to go through family members being sick.

Chai said...

@ Riggy: rofl yeah, I looked at the wiki article today and was v. grossed out. I wish they'd put a warning, daaaamn. That sucks about your mom, too. :/ Why did she have bleeding in her stomach?

@ Neko-sama: the shoes were really cheap! :D/ You can get them at Wal*Mart if you aren't afraid to walk into the store. And thanks, hopefully my mom's illness won't end up getting too serious.

rigel said...

@ Ami

My mom decided to eat some really, really, really old food... at least, that's what she tells me. :\ I didn't even know old food could DO THAT to your stomach.

The wiki article was bad, but not as bad as the article on lobotomy. D: I was so disgusted to see half of a real brain! It traumatized me.