Wednesday, June 10

Starry☆Sky~in Summer~ OP

Opening for Starry☆Sky~in Summer~ has been released! If you're a loser like me, you'll have pre-ordered it by now.

One thing that's kind of depressing about the general fandom, though, is that since it's a drama CD collection a majority of people like it strictly because of the voice actors. And since I'm relatively new to coming back to anime/manga/etc. fandoms, I don't really care about voice actors at all. Or, more like, just don't know much about them, since I'm too busy taking in other information I'm more interested in. So instead of being into the voices, I'm mostly a fan of the CDs and games because I like the character designs and the horoscope-personalities concept. And it helps, of course, that the boys are cute.

But anyway, I'm super excited for the release of the ~in Summer~ game. I've got an odd interest in Kinose, even though I know relatively little about his character. What can I say--he has an interesting haircut. Plus he seems to have a cute rivalry relationship with Miyaji, which could be interesting.

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