Tuesday, May 6

Day 4: Sleeping at the Office

Today, some things were fixed, some things felt like they fell apart, I drank lots of tea, ate cupcakes, and watched the best Gossip Girl episode of the season. I don't think I've ever been so ecstatic about a character coming out of the closet before in my life.


rigel said...

So I'm guessing you're recommending Gossip Girl? I've been wanting to watch it ever since you mentioned it, but I'm waiting for it to appear on netflix first. The last time I checked for it, the dvd box set wasn't out yet.

Chai said...

@ Riggy

YES I would seriously recommend it. My sister and I have pretty much been obsessed. It has a lot of stuff in it that my head is TELLING me I should be offended by (like, my favorite character at the moment is pretty much shown to be a rapist in the first few episodes... 8D;) but it's so dramatic and interesting and I either love all the characters or love to hate them. You should totally watch it. :D

rigel said...

@ Ami

Netflix can't ship Gossip Girl yet. :\ I don't think the box set has come out yet, but I'm really anticipating the show now!

I'll let you know when I finally watch it!

Chai said...

Aww that's lame. :( You could always watch it on Veoh-- *kicked*